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Piedmont Pacific is the leading manufacturer in grooved flexible couplings designed specifically for the reverse osmosis, wastewater & water filtration industries. Couplings are stocked in 316 Stainless Steel, Duplex CE8MN, Super Duplex CE3MN, Engineered FRP Plastic and Painted Ductile Iron with pressure ranges from 300PSI to 1500PSI. Regardless of your pressure rating or material requirements, Piedmont can meet your coupling needs.

Piedmont also manufacturers a full line of FRP Cartridge Filter Housings. Piedmont engineers took the standard cartridge filter housing and redesigned it from the ground up. Keeping with the same core design, they improved on features and eliminated the common issues in the current CFH market. Solid fusion welded element rods, guide plates and quick opening systems are just a few of the advances Piedmont has introduced with their FRP cartridge filter housings. Ranging from 3 element designs as low as 27 gpm all the way to 400+ element designs at over 10,000 gpm. Piedmont currently boast the largest FRP Cartridge Filter housing built and in use. Their most recent addition are Self Cleaning Screen Filters and Self Cleaning Disc Filters.

With their stocking headquarters in Vista CA, supplemented by Max USA's stock in Tampa FL, Piedmont is able to meet any customers demands both domestically and overseas.

Max USA has been the only Master Stocking Distributor for Piedmont Pacific in the United States since 2016. We stock everything Piedmont carries in our Tampa warehouse and we've serviced customers throughout the entire continent and beyond.

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