On behalf of Bonomi North America, Inc. we would like to congratulate Max USA for becoming the Authorized Bonomi North America, Inc. Valve and Automation Distributor! We are very excited to have them aboard. Bonomi North America is owned and operated by the World-Wide Bonomi Group of Brescia Italy, the largest ball valve manufacturer in that country. Bonomi North America, Inc. is the fastest growing valve and actuator manufacturer in the United States, today. We are made up of three distinct and separate manufacturing facilities, each specializing in a specific product group and industry.

-Rubinetterie Bresciane , or RB for short is a 1,200,000 sq. ft. state of the art combination brass forging foundry , machining center, and robotic ball valve assembly facility.

-Valpres, a 280,000-sq. ft. sophisticated carbon/stainless steel ball valve facility specializing in high end industrial threaded, weld end, flanged end, and precision control ball valves from sizes 1⁄4” through 24” sizes. Also, we now have an oil and gas division manufacturing API 6D Control and Trunnion Mounted ball valves from 1"-56".

-Valbia, a 118,000-sq. ft. facility, and one of the largest electric and pneumatic actuator companies in the world today.

Following our commitment to bring our customers top of the line product offerings alongside excellent customer service, we here at Max USA are confident Bonomi products will be able to satisfy all of your valve and automation requirements. Max USA recognized Bonomi for their high quality valve offerings and dedication to customer service. Both of which aligned with our ideals and goals here at Max USA, so naturally we began working closely with Bonomi. Now that our relationship with Bonomi has been solidified with us becoming an authorized distributor, let Max USA show you the difference Bonomi valves can offer.

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