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Sanitary Fittings & Tubing • Pumps • Mixers • Sanitary Valves • Heat Exchangers


Alfa Laval is a recognized world leader in the sanitary and processing market. They provide high quality products that cover numerous industries across the globe. A small overview of the industries that Alfa Laval products can accommodate: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Chemicals, Food, Dairy, Beverage, HVAC, Machinery & Manufactacturing, Mining, Minerals & Pigment, Pulp & Paper, Refrigeration, Semiconductor & Electronics, Steel and Water & Waste Treatment. The most common and well known Alfa Laval sanitary product lines include but are not limited to: tube & fittings, pumps, mixers, heat exchangers, rotary jets and a wide array of valves. The solutions that Alfa Laval can offer for your sanitary or processing needs are endless.

Max USA is a proud Alfa Laval distributor for all things sanitary. Through our strong and ever growing relationship with Alfa Laval, Max USA has been able to provide excellent support and customer service to a wide range of customers. The sales team has utilized everything at our disposal through Alfa Laval such as training seminars, webinars and the various tools on Alfa Laval's web portal. Our experienced processing & sanitary team can help you determine which products are best tailored to your needs.

In 2017 Max USA sold the first Alfa Laval M15 Hybrid Powder Mixer in the United States to the College of the Ozarks. The college began using it to make chocolate milk in their dairy processing department* and has now expanded to a growing list of flavor options.


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